Don't just take our word for it, why not read what our clients have to say?

"It was physically and emotionally exhausting to work with you - especially in the first few sessions, but it was also enjoyable, worthwhile and very satisfying!  I am very grateful for your help, patience and encouragement.  Thanks to you the house was presentable for visitors and offered them spacious, comfortable rooms to sleep in.  I would never have achieved it without you."

Mr P, East Lothian

It was a pleasure to work with you.  The amount of commitment and effort you contributed to the task was outstanding.  There is absolutely no way I could have achieved the same result in the time slots.  I will reap the benefits for many months to come."

GG, Fife


"One word... Perfect :) Smart move with the furniture in my room. Thank you!"

SB, Perthshire

"I was more than happy with the Guddlebusters work in cleaning and dressing my house for sale. The solicitor said she had never known a house sell more quickly so I recommend Guddlebusters."

ECH, Edinburgh


"For the first time in ages, I feel I can breathe properly in my sitting room."

Edinburgh client


"These friendly and trustworthy guddlebusting ladies had a professional attitude during all aspects of de-cluttering and organising my kitchen.  From the first contact of making an appointment and describing the job through to the end product, their methodical approach made it time efficient and the end results were amazing. I now have confidence to use my kitchen and keep on top of the cleaning.  Many, many thanks."

AK, West Lothian


"I was very pleased with the attitude and service provided.  I was horrified at the state in which the previous occupants had left my flat but the Guddlebusters took it all in their stride."

ECH, Edinburgh


"In my day job, I am always advising clients how best to organise their business systems.  Over a long period of years, I became immersed in life-sapping, depressing guddle at home.  Then Guddlebusters came to my rescue.  In just one day, my life has been quite literally transformed. Their friendly, professional and systematic approach really impressed and kept me calm during the early stages of being deguddled.  Like a reformed smoker, I now want to bust guddle on a daily basis!  Doing so brings great pleasure, order and control back into my life.  Thank you Guddlebusters.  Next project... The Garage!"

Mr W, Dunfermline


"After my husband died I moved to a new, smaller house.  After living in my previous home for 25 years I had so many items of furniture, ornaments, boxes of paperwork, I didn't know where to start and it was getting me down.  The Guddlebusters helped me go through all the boxes, find homes for many of the items, rearranging furniture, reorganising cupboards and hanging up pictures as they worked.   I have been inspired to make my own stamp on the house and now it feels like a real home."

Mrs M, Westhill


"These women changed my life!  I no longer dread having to go into the loft in search of "essential" items."

Mr DT, Edinburgh


"Thanks to Guddlebusters it's so much easier to decide what to wear when I go out.  Everything is in order and I now know exactly what I have in my wardrobe.  I've also solved the "missing shoe" problem once and for all!  I feel much calmer now that my guddle has been sorted out."

Ms CT, Edinburgh



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