The "New Year = New You" Myth

How often have you started out in January of a new year thinking, "Right, this'll be the year I eat less junk food/eat more fruit/drink less wine/drink more water/keep my paperwork in order/tidy out those cupboards..."?  If you're anything like us, the answer will be "Every year"!

New Year resolutions have a habit of making us feel worse rather than better when they end up being abandoned after a few weeks as we realise that it's really difficult in the cold, dark January days to turn over all these new leaves when we still have so many other demands on our time. 

We're not sure we can help you with the healthy eating (too fond of a wee biscuit or two ourselves!), nor can we promise a "new you",  BUT we can definitely set you on the right track for a guddle-free 2012.  

Have a look at some of our recent client feedback:   "friendly and trustworthy"; "systematic"; "professional"; "the Guddlebusters took it all in their stride".

So, how about letting us help you:

organise and file your paperwork; clean and sort out your cupboards and clean and organise whole rooms?

As an extra incentive, if you book a de-cluttering session with us before the end of January, we're offering you two Guddlebusters for a day for £195 (a saving of £125)! 

Now, that's got to add up to a good new year!


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