About us

Guddlebusters is run by Jane Munro and Alison Munro.  We are first cousins - Jane grew up in Inverness and Alison near Aberdeen.  After graduating from Edinburgh University we both enjoyed life in the capital so much, we stayed put.  Between us we have amassed experience in very different roles from managing events to teaching Higher English, all requiring attention to detail, meticulous planning and excellent organisation.  We're far from perfect (ask our families!) but we're really good at clear thinking and creating order...... guddlebusting!  



It's in the genes!

We attribute these skills to our maternal grandmother, Isabella.

She and her husband brought up seven children in a two-bedroomed house in the Highlands.  The stories of family life speak of a great deal of hard work with just as much good-natured fun.  In season, fruit was picked and jam made.  Hives were kept for honey.  The older brothers set traps for rabbits.  Wood was chopped and stacked. Jumpers and socks were knitted.  Scones and pancakes made.

Needless to say, with so little space and so many people, there had to be a place for everything and everything had to be in its place.  Alison's mum recalls the shelf above her bed on which everyone's "good" shoes were placed.  Nine pairs of shoes, arranged in order:  father's, mother's, eldest child's to youngest's.  She also remembers polishing them all!





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